Varispeed Tool

Tempo BPM
Up + Semitones Down -
calc +1 1 minor second calc -1
calc +2 2 major second calc -2
calc +1 3 minor third calc -1
calc +2 4 major third calc -2
calc +1 5 perfect fourth calc -1
calc +2 6 diminished fifth calc -2
calc +1 7 fifth calc -1
calc +2 8 minor sixth calc -2
calc +1 9 major sixth calc -1
calc +2 10 minor seventh calc -2
calc +1 11 major seventh calc -1
calc +2 12 octave calc -2

Varispeed is a term for the variable speed of a tape recorder (playback device). The speed at which the recording is played back, has a direct effect on the pitch and timbre.

To facilitate this 'old skool' process in DAWs such as Pro Tools, I made this Varispeed Tool.


Is your "vintage" upright piano a tad too low, but you like the "vibe" so you don't want to have it tuned? Don't throw it away, use the cents function of Varispeed tool!

Calculate "musical" frequencies, for example: The major third above concert A (440Hz). Come on, try it!

Picture of Studer A820 24-track tape recorder used for Writersday

This is the Studer A820 24-track I use for all Writersday recordings at White Dove Studio

“The Beatles also used this Varispeed Tool...”

- Bent Langerak