In every aspect I like to start as close to the source as possible, meaning: Songwriting, song selection, arrangement, performance. Once these things are sorted out, it's easier to find the right instrument and gear to capture it. The more prepared you are, the more space you have to experiment. That space can make the difference between a good and an amazing record.

In 2013 I graduated in Art of Sound at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. There I expanded my musical knowledge and learned to use the studio as an instrument (allowing me to call myself Tonmeister :)

Recently I started my solo project Bent Mettentee; Dutch indie pop with a humorous twist.


At the conservatory I started out recording with a 16-track tape machine. The inherent limitations of this tool drove me to make creative decisions on the spot. This mindset is still a big part of my workflow, even when working in digital. Choosing a certain direction allows me to work fast and make bold choices; resulting in more compelling music.

Here you can find a tool I made to facilitate a technique called Varispeed in DAWs such as Pro Tools.

Feel free to send a message or give me a call if you're interested in working together.

belangerak [at] gmail [dot] com
+316 48573198

Picture of Studer A820 24-track tape recorder used for Writersday

This is the Studer A820 24-track I use for all Writersday recordings at White Dove Studio

“Did I just quote myself?”

- Bent Langerak